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"The Birds Outside My Window", composed in 2020 for solo cello, was selected by DM Connect as a winner of their competition for up-and-coming composers. The winners of this competition attend masterclasses with composer Nathan Bales, and get their pieces professionally recorded and choreographed by student dancers.

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Bales, from the Curtis Institute of Music, gave virtual masterclasses on score proofreading and Finale shortcuts for professional looking scores.


Cellist Collaboration

After several weeks, I virtually met Lorraine Gauthier-Giroux, a Master's student at the Montreal Conservatory of Music, who recorded the piece for the dancers to choreograph. Listen here.

The Birds Outside My Window
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Choreographer Collaboration

After the music was recorded and mastered, it was sent to a collaborative group of dancers to add choreography to the piece. Watch the trailer here.


Finished Product

The finished project, with music and choreography, was showcased in May 2021, along with the projects of other winning composers.

Due to communication discrepancies, the full video of the performance was never received. 

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