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Your Life Has Just Begun - 2019

This is a work that I wrote for my sorority sisters, who have the tightest bond I’ve ever seen. It is a theme and variations, and each variation was written for a specific woman that I have had the pleasure of knowing. The first variation was written for a woman who had a dark past, but rose to be the best person she could be as our chapter president. The second variation is for a woman who was born under the lights of Las Vegas, and how that sparkle and pizzazz reflects in her personality. The third variation was written for my mentor, when I found out that we grew up 45 minutes away from each other in the rolling plains of Eastern South Dakota. The fourth variation is for a woman whose energy reminded me of a light piano sonata from the classical era.

World Premiere: Flyover New Music Series, Lincoln, NE, October 2019

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