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Asterisks (*) denote ensemble types that include more pieces than shown on this website. For inquiries about pieces that are not shown, please visit the commission form.

The death of a young child or family member is something that I have never experienced nor related to. When I began sketching this piece, I knew that I wanted it to have a dark, gloomy mood behind it. I realized that the tone colors of the cello, viola, violin, and trumpet resembled a dark, funeral moment in a movie. The use of different pitch registers in each instrument convey hopelessness and distress.  Melodic variations represent an altered reality. Unusual harmonic structure creates a sense of unfamiliarity and the lack of a noticeable direction of the piece.

Fashion My Bones - 2021

Video to be uploaded soon!

Fashion My Bones is a song of female empowerment against oppressors. This work is loosely based on events that occurred to me during the 2019-2020 academic year. The vocalist represents an angry and lonely soul invoking an ancient, long-forgotten deity, represented by the trumpet player, as a last resort in order to get revenge on her abusers. The piece hints at religious and patriarchal contempt, which contrast the idea of the self-awareness and satisfaction at the end of the piece. The use of text painting, mimicry, and modes depict feelings of uneasiness and questionable resolutions. It is strongly encouraged that both performers of this work identify as female in any future performances.

World Premiere: Flyover New Music Series, Lincoln, NE, April 2021

The Smallest Coffins Are the Heaviest - 2020

World Premiere: Composition Recital, Lincoln, NE, April 2021

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